Admins and Roles

Admins and Roles feature allows the Account owner to create New Admin roles with customized permissions which the Account owner wants. This feature also allows the Account owner to create New Admins for the Scalefusion account with customized roles.

View System Roles

  1. Click on the Avatar at the top right hand side of the dashboard.

  2. Click on Admins and Roles option.

  3. On the new window, Click on Roles and Permission.

  4. On the New Window, you will see SYSTEM ROLES already defined by Scalefusion team, you can choose to view these roles by clicking on VIEW button.

  5. Once you click on VIEW button, you will see a new window as shown below, here you will see the list of features in Scalefusion and the kind of permission the role has.

Create New Roles

  1. Follow steps 1, 2 and 3 as listed above.

  2. Scroll down and in CUSTOM ROLES section Click on CREATE NEW.

  3. On the new Window, Type the Role Name, Choose the option For Device Group/For All Devices for which you want to create New Role.

  4. For each feature choose the kind of permission you want the New Role to have. If you want the feature to be visible, move the button under VISIBILITY section on the right side. If you want the role to make changes to that feature, click on the radio button under ALL ACCESS section. If you want the Role to have only Read Only access, click on the radio button under READ ONLY section.

  5. Note: By default for all the features, all the VISIBILITY button will be in on state and All the ALL ACCESS button will be in on state.

  6. Once you are done with the above step, click on SAVE ROLE.

  7. You have successfully created a Role! Your Role will appear under the CUSTOM ROLES section.

Create New Admin

  1. Follow step 1 and 2 as given in View System Roles.

  2. On the new window, Click on ADD NEW ADMIN.

  3. On the new window, Type the New Admin name, Email ID and choose the Role from the drop down list in Role section.

  4. On the Drop down list you will see all the Custom Roles created by you and all the System Roles already defined by Scalefusion team. You can choose any.

  5. After selecting the Role, click on SUBMIT.

  6. You have successfully created a Admin!

    The user you have assigned as a new admin must check their email for a confirmation mail which will include a Username, Email and Password, as shown below. They must now click on the Confirm my account button and sign in with the given credentials, then proceed to change the password.

  7. To Edit the Role of an Admin click on the setting button at the extreme right of the Admin Column as shown in the image below.

  8. On the new window, you can type a new name and choose a new role from the drop down list in Role section.

  9. Note: You cannot change the Email of the Admin.

  10. After you have made necessary changes, click on SUBMIT button.

  11. You have successfully edited the Admin details!