Adding Devices to your Account

To add devices to your Scalefusion account follow the steps given below. When you log in to your dashboard for the first time, you will see the following message:

  1. Download the Scalefusion application from Google Play Store , on the device you want to install it on.

  2. Once you've downloaded the app, and launched it for the first time, you will see the following screen.

  3. Click on Login or Register, and you'll see the screen shown below; scroll to the bottom and click on I already have an account.

  4. Enter your credentials and sign in.

  5. Once you've signed in successfully you'll be prompted to enter a name for the device as shown below.

  6. If you have created any device groups you can directly add the new device to a specific group by entering the Group Enrollment Key.

  7. If you have created any device profiles you can directly set device profile on the new device by selecting the device profile.

  8. You need to enable Scalefusion as a device admin for secure kiosk environment and then click on Complete Setup button.

  9. Lastly, click on Setup Scalefusion and click on Scalefusion icon and then Always button.

  10. Refresh Dashboard Click on Devices Tab

Note: Once your device has been linked to an account, the same device cannot be linked to a different account, even by re-installing the application.

You have successfully added your device! Repeat the same process for all other devices.