Enterprise Communication Suite

Unified Communication & Call Management for Enterprise

EVA Communication Suite unifies the way you and your field force communicate. Enable seamless but highly controlled communication with a single application across your organization. The suite comprises of Eva Messenger, Eva Phone and Eva Notifications.

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*Available for iOS & Android


EVA Communication Suite Features

EVA Communication Suite has powerful features like Business Messenger with VoIP Calling, Contacts & Call Management and Account Notifications.


Eva Messenger

This allows users of the same group to communicate with each other and the admin through chat and VoIP calls


Eva Phone

Eva Phone provides powerful Contact Management & SIM/Cellular Call Capabilities


Eva Notification

Eva Notifications provides real-time alerts & updates regarding your devices

Remote Content Copy and Deletion

Supports VoIP Calling

Make VoIP Calls from Eva Messenger to other users and device administrators.

Powerful Call Management with Eva Phone

Eva Phone lets you leverage the power of Scalefusion managed devices, by giving you options to create and publish unified contact lists across your organizations. It also gives you an iron-grip on your mobile bills by giving you a fine-grain control of outgoing and incoming calls.


Powerful Contacts Management

Eva Phone provides capability to create and publish Contact Lists.

Block Incoming/Outgoing Calls

Have granular control of outgoing and incoming calls by whitelisting contacts from the dashboard.

Enhanced Control with Custom Dialer

Our custom dialer allows you to have additional control like disabling the speakers & dial pad.

Highlights of Eva Messenger

Unlike other business messengers, Eva does not allow your users to add/connect with people who are not part of your organization. Scalefusion administrators and team members with locked devices can chat through EVA.

Image Transfer

Exchange Image files between allowed contacts & dashboard.

Voice Messaging

Record, send and receive voice messages to and from whitelisted contacts & dashboard.

Team Communication Simplified

Initiate conversations between team members based on Account admin roles.

Device Information

Monitor critical device details & device health information within Eva app.

User to User Chat & VoIP Call

Initiate encrypted two-way text messaging & VoIP calls within teams as well as with dashboard.


Simple, Smart & Secure Business Messenger

EVA messenger is simplifying the way you communicate with your field force and co-workers, who are using mobile devices that are locked with Scalefusion.

EVA gives you a secure platform to interact, communicate or connect with your team anytime, anywhere, making your communication at workplace simpler.

Don't let important notifications get lost in mail history


Lock-Unlock Notifications

Get notified when device managed with Scalefusion is locked or unlocked

Sim Incident

Sim incident notifications

Get notified when SIM swap incidents occur in any of your managed devices

Failed Unlock

Failed Unlock Attempts

Get notified when somebody attempts to exit Scalefusion

Geo Fencing

Geofence Breach Notifications

Get notified when a geofence breach occurs in any of your managed devices

Get all the relevant information inside EVA Messenger

EVA Notification is integrated with your Scalefusion account and notifies you about important account activities in the EVA Messenger app itself.

Quickly send and receive messages right from your computer.

With EVA on the web, you can seamlessly chat with your device administrators and users from Scalefusion dashboard.

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