BYOD Solution for a Modern Workforce

Empower employees to work from anywhere on the devices they prefer while meeting IT security and compliance requirements with Scalefusion Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Solution.

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Understanding Bring Your Own Device: What and Why?

BYOD Management

What is BYOD?
Bring Your Own Device or BYOD is a policy that empowers employees to use personal devices for office-related activities like accessing emails, connecting to the corporate network, and accessing corporate apps and data.

Implementing a BYOD solution helps businesses tighten their security reigns without compromising on employee privacy or flexibility.

Understanding A Typical BYOD Lifecycle



Allow employees to seamlessly onboard themselves on their personal devices


Deploy policies to manage only work-related apps & data on the devices


Enforce security policies on the work apps & data present on the devices


Remove access to corporate apps & data when employee leaves the organization

One Solution. Many Benefits.

Scalefusion BYOD Solution is a Win-Win approach towards maintaining employee privacy while ensuring corporate data security.

For Enterprise

  • Reduce IT Hardware Cost

  • Increase Workplace Productivity and Efficiency

  • Mitigate Corporate Data Risks

  • Establish a secure remote work environment

  • Effortless App & Content Distribution

For Employees

  • Ease of working on preferred devices

  • Save time on learning a new OS

  • Resolve IT issues instantly

  • Access corporate data from anywhere

  • Ease of management between work and personal data

BYOD Management

Multi-platform BYOD Solution

Scalefusion BYOD solutions provide Multi-device and OS Support that cater to the diversity of employee-owned devices.

  • Create containers on android devices to isolate work apps from private apps and prohibit the flow of data between the two.

  • Perform device integrity, security and compatibility checks with SafetyNet Attestation.

  • Disable or remove work profile from rooted devices to maintain corporate data security.

  • Configure & Manage corporate wifi and VPN Settings.

  • Configure Password policy for both device and work apps container.

BYOD Mobile Device Management
  • Safeguard data leakage or misuse by locking or wiping misplaced devices

  • Manage Business Apps on employee owned iOS devices.

  • Prevent data sharing between work & personal applications.

  • Push Network & VPN Setting as well as digital certificates.

BYOD Device Management
  • Protect Corporate data with Windows Information Protection (WIP) Policy.

  • Publish & Manage Enterprise Applications.

  • Send files seamlessly across devices.

  • Remote troubleshooting.


Strike the perfect balance between personal and corporate data with Scalefusion BYOD Solution

BYOD Solutions

Easy User Enrollment & Management

Easily onboard users using Email based enrollment and leveraging Scalefusion's extensive integrations like Office 365, GSuite & Azure AD. Create & apply policies to employee-owned devices without manual interference. Manage all your users & devices from a single dashboard.


Containerization allows you to segregate the employee’s work data from personal data and restrict the exchange of information between the two. Set a dedicated passcode policy and fully manage the work profile without interfering with the user’s personal data. Maintain corporate data security as if it were on a company-owned device.

BYOD Software
BYOD Management Tools

Seamless Application Management

Install, Update & Uninstall Business applications on employee devices without user interference. Remotely deploy apps from the Play store, Apple app store & Microsoft store. Publish in-house APK, IPA, Plist, PKG & MSI application files via Scalefusion dashboard for easy distribution & management. Push app catalogs for specific devices/ profiles.

Conditional Email Access

CEA enables IT admins to restrict user access to corporate mailboxes if they fail to enroll their devices with Scalefusion. It helps safeguard corporate data and prevent unauthorized access to business emails. IT admins can set a grace period for users to enroll their devices. Scalefusion supports CEA for Exchange online & IceWarp email servers.

BYOD Software BYOD Software

Learn how you can securely implement BYOD
with Scalefusion MDM

BYOD Device Management Solution

Comprehensive Features of Scalefusion BYOD Solution

Leverage a wide range of features designed to help businesses achieve their security requirements while maintaining user privacy.



Create and deploy device policies to manage restrictions on employee devices.


Content Management

Easily Distribute corporate content to your employees with Scalefusion FileDock.



Generate automated & custom reports on device status & compliance.


Data Sharing Restrictions

Restrict the users from exchanging data between their work & personal profile.


Remote Troubleshooting

Remotely troubleshoot devices and solve problems when your employees face issues with their devices.

BYOD Management Software

Save Cost, Ensure Security, and Privacy with Scalefusion BYOD Software

Scalefusion BYOD Management provides robust features designed to mitigate IT risks and derive maximum benefits for both the organization and the employees.


Ensure Employee Privacy

Scalefusion BYOD Solutions are designed to prevent organizations from accessing or collecting data from personal applications, gallery, emails, etc. Organizations can only access corporate apps and associated corporate data, threby ensuring complete employee privacy.


Attain BYOD Security

Cyberattacks are becoming more common and sophisticated every second. Prevent your organization from such attacks by separating corporate data from personal data. Delete corporate data from the device remotely if the device security is compromised.


Reduce IT Costs

Bid farewell to the massive hardware purchase & maintenance costs incurred for company-owned devices and the time spent in provisioning them by enabling the employees to use the device they personally own with Scalefusion Bring Your Own Device solutions.

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